Fan Spotlight – Tower of Greed Theme In Mario Paint

Fan Spotlight – Tower of Greed Theme In Mario Paint


A couple weeks ago, a fan of Tower of Greed sent me one of, if not the best fan made pieces of work I’ve seen yet – the Tower of Greed theme done in Mario Paint. I’m pretty sure this puts the icing on the cake that proves Tower of Greed has a cult following, because I for one, am impressed. Over 2 years after the release of the original game, it’s still getting attention from fans in the form of one of the most ultimate complements ever, a Mario Paint rendition.

A Bit Of History

The theme to Tower of Greed was composed by Mike Taylor, a good friend of mine whom I met while living in the great land of Idaho. He’s got a ton of musical talent, and I think it’s pretty clear that his work in Tower of Greed proves this. He’s currently composing music for Daughters of Pytheus, and it’s definitely adding great value to the game, while showing off a very different musical style of his. Without being biased, I truly find the ToG theme to be one of the catchiest and most charming 8-bit melodies I’ve ever heard, and I promise you that I’ve heard a lot. Mike will definitely be on board for the music in Tower of Greed 2, and he’s definitely the best musician I’ve had the opportunity to work with thus far.

Thank You, Sir

I want to give a huge thanks to Gustavo for creating such an awesome piece of fan appreciation, and for bringing it to my attention. Fans like this truly do inspire me to work harder and continue developing the kind of games I love. If you like anything you hear, be sure to check out more work from Mike Taylor, and pay Gustavo’s youtube channel a visit for more Mario Paint awesomeness. Without¬†further ado, give it a listen and let me know what you think!

For those that don’t see the embed,
Link – Tower of Greed Theme in Mario Paint

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    5 Responses to “Fan Spotlight – Tower of Greed Theme In Mario Paint”

    1. andkon says:

      It would be so good since Tower of Greed and mario are both my favorite have to try this game.The video say it all the music theme is exciting feels good, like im going back in my child days.. ha ha ha

    2. gudtavosky says:

      thanks, man ;_; thank you so much for this thread! I feel really honored to know that we, the fans that wants to show your awesome works to the world, get you motivation to continue the hard work!

      Thanks again and good luck with any project on progress!

      • Porter says:

        I’m very glad you noticed, and very glad you take pride in being featured. Thanks a ton for making one of the best fan contributions possible :)

    3. FlashMush says:

      Tower of Greed is one of my absolute favorites!

    4. ShooterMG says:

      Thanks, now I’ve got this song stuck in my head yet again. Even though it’s only a couple years old, it feels like I’ve known it my whole life!

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